And the blog is up again

May 23, 2009 at 1:02 pm | Posted in Back with a bang | 5 Comments

Yes Yes..Quite a few, yes a few people have been asking me to start writing again and after a long gap I have finally decided to  start writing again..So this blog is gonna be very active from now. Enjoy n  please please, COMMENT 🙂


I believe in love at 1st sight, fell in love with my mother moment i saw her

November 11, 2008 at 1:16 am | Posted in I miss you even though you are with me | 1 Comment

Dear friends,

Am sure you are aware of the shocking and sudden huge loss that i am faced with. For days now i have been wanting to write again because it makes me happy, but everytime i sat down to write i used to end up writing  about mom and hence didn’t post what i wrote because i wasn’t sure whether i should write about it or not.

I have given it a lot of thought and often pondered about whether what i,my father,relatives and friends have been through and i have finally decided on this..i am back now and going to write often and that’s a definite promise..

For this particular post all i want to say is this…. Please after you read this, go to your mom and give her the biggest hug you have ever given her, if you are away from home call your mom and tell her you love her

Mama, i love you a lot and i love you even more for making me so lovable

Q & A’s

June 20, 2008 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Thinking cap | 3 Comments

hii…..a friend of mine posted an interesting post on her has these lovely questions which get you thinking about life in every way…pls do me a favour — in the comments section put down your answers to the same questions..looking forward to your responses…

Thanks J

I am: what i am because this is who i love to be.

I think: life is beautiful.

I know: i am loved immensely by those around me.

I want: to be as young as i am at heart throughout my life.

I have: just cracked a very funny joke on my colleague and he actually loved it.

I wish: i didnt have to wish for things anymore.

I hate: lies and taking anyone for granted.

I miss: playing football

I fear: dying before my loved ones.

I feel: good on the inside, mostly

I hear: my mind reading out the words i am reading.

I smell: good..—Hugo Boss

I crave: tea and samosa right now.

I search: for good things to read on the net.

I wonder: why things change

I regret: being confused

I love: good food/calvin and hobbes/chai/rain/weekends and too many people to list

I ache: when i workout.

I care: for a lot of people.

I am not: fat!! am just very healthy

I believe: in myself

I dance: after a lot of persuasion

I sing: almost never.

I cry: when i am hurt, not when i am sad.

I don’t always: speak my mind.

I fight: very rarely.

I write: because it makes me feel good.

I win: every single day.

I lose: my common sense at times.

I never: give up.

I always: trust my instincts.

I confuse: myself often

I listen: to songs for 2 hours everyday thanks to my travel to work.

I can usually be found: organising things well.

I am scared: of becoming weak in every sense.

I need: a good break to refresh.

I am happy about: a lot of things in my life

I imagine: my dream world coming true soon.

Happy thinking 🙂

Chai paani!!!

June 16, 2008 at 5:52 pm | Posted in Under the table activities | 3 Comments

Yes yes..bribes are the call of the day..Person takes bribe—headlines..Person does not take bribe –bigger headline …

An aunt of mine who is actively heading an NGO has frequent encounters with babus (people at administrative posts in govt offices) ..On one such recent visit to a govt office regarding some payment that the NGO was supposed to receive from the govt towards the electricity bill of the building from which the NGO operates.. When she contacted the govt official at his desk (in person)..he showed her that the cheque was ready..She was happy because this particular payment was pending from the govts side since ages..Finally she looked up at him with expectant glances and he very matter of factly said ” Madam,kuch chai paani toh de do “.. My aunt was surprised at his audacity and did something that invokes me to stand and applaud….

She excused herself for 2 mins and went down to the canteen and actually produced a glass of chai and a glass of water in front of him to his amazement..He was too shell shocked but could react enough to handover the cheque to her..

Its  true after all –actions speak louder than words 🙂


May 28, 2008 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Back with a bang | 4 Comments

Am back loads to write now with lots happening in my life…MBA college,hostel ife,yoga 🙂 and my summer internship going on will surely write often now and thats a promise.

Today i want to write about the alarm clock..i got the idea to write on this from one of my dearest friends – Girish..he write very well and is very descriptive at

My alarm clock until recently was my mom..i over the years have always been woken up by mom .Its only now that i sometimes stay in the hostel so i have to wake up to an electronic alarm(my cell) instead of my mom calling out ‘ Bacha, utho!’

Point is that i have this very peculiar habit..suppose i have to wake up at 7..i ask my mom to wake me up once at she comes and calls out to me but i just say ‘ mom..little more time please’ ..and then she goes away…and finally at 7 she will actually see to it that i have woken up..the point is that i wake up feeling i have slept a little extra more..and it actually feels like that..try it out some time..infact i even set my cell phone alarm like that when i am in the hostel..i set the alarm for 6:30..and at 6:30 i wake up and set the alarm again for 7…try it out friends..feels refreshing …either that or i am eccentric to a fault 🙂 

Why I love New Bombay

February 15, 2008 at 11:25 pm | Posted in Navi Mumbai !!! | 2 Comments

12 years ..Yes, its been 12 years since we shifted to New Bombay..I was at the time 15 years young and this was going to be my 4th School in 10 years..So I was not so happy about shifting to another place that too in a small town like New Bombay..Then after that followed the ordeal of travelling..all these years I have been cursing my luck of having to travel many a mile to college or work…my trip to college was a good hour long and my friends from Bombay used to treat the trip to my place like a picnic..Also there weren’t any cool hangouts in New Bombay either. Infact to go to work I had to travel a good 1 ½ hours each way..

But see how happy I am is why, New Bombay has a lot of open areas where grounds and parks exist..And the benefit even I have encountered..There is a huge ground in front of my house where various sports take place..I have been playing cricket there mostly but recently we started playing football there too..Slowly then we started forming a team and moved on to playing big tournaments..ofcourse eventually I had to quit the team because I started working and now going back to college ..and see where I am getting a chance to play the Navi Mumbai Olympics..Basically they have created districts within New Bombay and they represent different zones.So am representing my zone as I have been selected to play for it. There are various number of sports that are going to be played like Athletics,Football,Cricket,Basketball,Chess I am playing cricket and football this and next weekend..My first match is football which is tomorrow morning and 10 on the same ground where I passed out of my Xth from..

Oh yes by the way, I am playing for the 25-40 years age group..i have been going for practise whenever possible and you know team mates are these pot bellied,uncles..but mind you,they play so damn well…I run the whole length of the ground trying to control the football and these ‘uncles’ have such amazing skill and control..

This is possible only because of dear New cool is that haan?

Please shower me with your blessings….:-)


September 8, 2007 at 3:43 am | Posted in Back with a bang | 4 Comments


 I know i have been missing for sure all are aware that i am now a residential student of the managemtent school in Khargar…things got really hectic earlier,you know-buying stuff,meetinh up with friends,collegaues,wrapping up office hand over,spending time with close ones,etc..

 As soon as i reached here,i was not able to surf the net and hence the inability to update my blog.

But am back now and will update you with my antics at the bussiness school..thanks for your patience 🙂

Am back!!

June 13, 2007 at 9:37 am | Posted in Back with a bang | 4 Comments

My dear dear readers,

 Am so so sorry for being away for so loooooong. lots has happend..a trip to goa,getting admission for an mba course,quitting my job,shopping and catching up with  friends and cousins because my mba course is a compulsarily residential course.

 So i have lots to tell you and will have lots more to write about thanks to the hostel setup i will go through for the next 2 years..i will write in about my goa experience next time which is very very soon…honest 🙂

The Taxi chronicles

April 23, 2007 at 12:39 pm | Posted in TAXI !!! | 4 Comments

taxi.jpgIn the past week, thanks to the bus strike . I had to take a taxi twice. Once to the nearest railway station and the next day with my colleagues to Vashi .

 Incident 1 : Now see, usually we have to wait for a long time  outside office to find a taxi as the drivers do not like to go short distance, hence similarly on thursday night it was as it is a big task to find a taxi and then to look for one which was ready to go a short distance was even tougher.

 I saw a taxi approaching and waved my hand to stop it. He stopped a bit..I peeped in and said ” Bhaisaheb, Sewri station chalenge ? ” He considered for a second and after what seemed like an eternity said ” haan, chaliye ”

I sat inside and was just going to put my earphones on when he turned around and said ” aap ko malum hein, mujhe Sewri jaana nahi tha . ” ” magar aapke language ke wajah se maine haan bola”..he went on to add that he was from Banares and had been in bombay all his life. But in all his recent years of driving a taxi, no one of had never addressed him as Bhaisaheb and said ” Chalenge ” ..he went on to add that people here always said ” lega kya?” ..”chodega kya? “..

 My lesson — A little repect does a world of good to the outside and from within.

 Incident 2 : My colleagues and i were looking for a taxi and there was quite a bit of crowd waiting as well..Then we were pleasantly suprised to see 2 traffic cops seeing to that taxis that were going empty would stop and ferry these passengers to their destination. Soon enough a taxi was stopped for us and as we got in ..The cop asked me, were do you want to go..I said Vashi.. So he came close to us and said in hindi..This taxi driver is supposed to drop you all the way to vashi and within the allotted fare… If he drops you mid way or charges too much, just register a complaint on our website or sms us the taxi number and we will take action…

 I would love for things in bombay to be legalised like this and to see everyone abiding by the law ..

 Looking forward to a law fearing world actually. 🙂

Dil chahta hai

April 15, 2007 at 10:34 pm | Posted in Goa - here i come | 2 Comments

c19.jpgYes, you read right. I am going to Goa and this is how the wonderful plan fell in place.

My parents and i  went shopping to Pantaloons last Saturday . After shopping and while paying the  bill i was informed that i had won a 2 nights /3 days stay in a 3 star hotel in Goa near Calangute beach. I was thrilled and the voucher said i would have to pay only 1500 for the above period. I went back home that day wondering whether i would be able to go and how to plan things out.  

 All of Sunday i spent looking up the dates i could plan to go (i had to go sometime in May) and asking parents for permission. My parents ofcourse said yes promptly because i just realised i havent gone on a vacation with friends for 2 years now..

So the next morning on my way to work, I called 2 of my close friends from college and told them the plan. I told them we would leave from Bombay on the 10th night by Volvo bus and reach bombay on the 14th morning by bus again.Both guys immediately walked to their respective bosses cabin and i walked into my bosses cabin and applied for leave. Within the next 1 hour all 3 of us had confirmed that our leave was sanctioned and that ourtrip to Goa was underway.Then, the whole on yesterday i spent roaming around dadar and chembur finding Volvo bus rates. People, Raj travels is relatively cheaper and booking is also easier. Just walk into their office (i went to the  chembur office) and booked our tickets for Goa and back. The feeling of walking out with tickets in my hand and our hotel bookings confirmed was amazing. It truly will be a Dil Chahta Hein style trip. 3 guys,Goa and loads of fun.

Only i wonder who will find a foreigner and decide to settle down in Goa with her…:-)

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